Saturday, November 28, 2009

As the snow falls...

My days in the desert are once again to an end and I am back in Nor Cal. The storming maw of the winter has touched down in the mountains of California. Snow is bombarding everything in the Sierras and it couldn’t be more amazing. Soon enough the powder daze will be a daily affliction. Face shots and slashes will take the place of breakfast. I got my first taste of snow today and it was good. Nothing more purifying than the icy water melting on your tongue from a crystal of snow.

There was once a time where I believed winter was, as many cultures believe, the death of a year. I know now this proposed belief is false. Winter is the rebirth of good feelings and happy times to be had with friends. With every flake of snow that melts into our body, we will see the past of this world revealed to us. There is no accounting for how many bodies that water has passed through: lake, river, ocean, sea, animal, plant, man… We are not the first to experience this world and we will not be the last, but together we can make a positive mark on this world. Let’s change the world starting this winter. Help someone out to learn to board, push your friends to be the best version of themselves, and just overall be a badass. Just be safe.

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